Join us in our efforts to aid individuals 
with the most urgent needs for electricity.
Imagine you suffer from Alzheimer’s, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, being bedridden, kidney failure, cancer, or other illnesses that requires monitoring and care. You have medical equipment such as a respiratory device or a refrigerator to preserve medication.  

Hurricane Maria has wreaked havoc on your home. The power is out and your life depends on access to electricity. Without power, you cannot use your respiratory device. Without power, you cannot refrigerate your medicine. You are in urgent need of electricity but you lack the economic resources to get yourself an electrical backup generator. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a generator but are physically unable to make the drive to wait in line for hours to get gasoline or fuel to power it. 

You have no option but to ask for help.
You have been stripped of what is necessary for your own survival.

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Positive Regeneration for Puerto Rico
Current Situation
Gabriel Rivera, an electric engineer, is volunteering to install small power grids for a growing list of “over two hundred individuals with basic needs such as medicines, water, food, care, or simply power to preserve their medications.” 

The list continues to grow as other communities reach out for help.
The roads are still largely impassable due to debris, flooding, mudslides, and structural damage. The status of infrastructure damage is horrific after hurricane Maria, the estimated time required to re-establish the electrical power grid around the island is in the range of months. 

“Transportation and distribution of large and heavy equipment is now impeded by scarcity of fuel, clogged ports, flooded areas, roads that have been washed out, and poor telecommunications if any.”

What sets this fundraiser apart?
We understand there are a number of fundraising campaigns going on for Puerto Rico. But understanding the level of help needed is crucial and once PR is no longer in the headlines much of this funding will likewise dwindle, way before this slow-moving disaster is truly over. 

We have set-up this fundraiser with a focus to direct funds raised to go specifically to obtain the equipment from local vendors for individuals within small communities that are in need of help as soon as possible and that we have some connection with them.
Furthermore, our team of volunteers in PR will personally be delivering and setting up this equipment for these individuals so that we can assure that it is going truly to where it is needed most.

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Short Term Goals
Goal of $15,000 USD
Break down:
equipment for 10 households (solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, battery packs, generators, refrigerators)  
= $1,500 USD x 10
 Nearby houses will be asked to share refrigerators
Long Term Goals
Goal of $50,000
Volunteers will stay at AlternaVida lodge to host relief workers, mainly for construction purposes. Furthermore, AlternaVida will also be supporting those who have completely lost their home. 

Housing and construction equipment for 7 individuals for a period of 2+ months 
How will we achieve this?
We will be installing single-PhotoVotaic module setups capable of powering mini-pharmacy type refrigerators. In order to increase efficiency in addressing urgent cases and to help local businesses during this time of deep crisis, we are working hard to purchase as much supplies from local vendors while also continuing our efforts to likewise source supplies that are scarce in PR currently, from outside vendors that can determine that they could get to PR quickly. The list of equipment and components that we are of critical need are the following:
  •  PV Modules (mono, poly, 60-cell, 72-cell, any frame color, any manufacturer, any brand)
  • Off-Grid Inverters (i.e Outback, Schneider/Xantrex, SMA, or any off-grid inverter that DOES NOT require a power grid or telecommunications for setup)
  •  Batteries
  •  Charge Controllers (any manufacturer, any brand, similar to one in sample setup)
  •  Breakers: 20A/2P 240V enclosed
  •  Volt-Amp MultiMeters for installation
  •  Electrical Wire #12 AWG THHN/THWN
  •  Electrical Conduit PVC Schedule 40 - 3/4" trade size
  •  Basic small construction tools that do not require electrical power
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Hurricane Maria Journal by SarahJoy
One of our team members in our campaign for Positive Regeneration for Puerto Rico, Sarah Joy, shares her raw emotions, current state of Ponce and San Juan, and her positivity amidst the struggles she faces. Journal entry 1 starts off from the night before Hurricane Maria hit. 
To read her full blog entries, please visit her page here.
The journal will be continuously updated as Sarah Joy writes more content about her personal experience post-Hurricane Maria.
Who are we?
Coach2Edify Foundation (C2E) was founded on 2011 by Mayra Ortiz McCullough (born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico) after being a personal trainer for 6 years in the elite gym Equinox. Inspired by the need to equip others in stress management for a balanced lifestyle and peace of mind, C2E's experiential educational programs are infused with a Template of Well-Being designed to equip communities in transition to take ownership of their health.

C2E is a 501(c)3 non-profit affiliated to a network of 6 health and wellness Social Enterprises dedicated to mitigating the effects of stress on the individual through experiential education on the science of regenerative living. Standing on the premise that Well-Being is our Birthright, we believe that creating foundations in support of this attainable truth should be the first order of education. 

Eden Regenerative Design (ERD) aims to help clients move towards developing a healthy, balanced working relationship with their internal and external environments. 

This is achieved through deepening understanding of the relationship between our internal biochemistry, our humanness, and the biochemistry inherent to our natural surroundings. By first recognizing the deep patterns inherent in Nature we can begin the process of designing systems that support internal (biohacking) and external ecosystems (permaculture) resulting in regenerative human health and habitation. 

This approach involves a collaborative effort between the client, ERD and a number of talented contractors, consultants and artisans that encompass a wide range of specific skill sets. 
Alternavida believes access to a holistic education, better tools, practices, and expert guidance should also be available to low-income Puerto Ricans.

Founder Yancy Wright left his career in the green building industry to make a larger impact by creating opportunities for people to experience life as nature intended; simple, regenerative, healthy, happy, balanced and full of fun. His inspiration is nature and the pure talent of our diverse health and wellness practitioners that are passionate about helping others develop better tools, practices and fresh perspective.
Alternavida was created to inspire transformation and growth for individuals, groups, and companies looking to deepen their purpose in this world. - All Rights Reserved 
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